01 July, 2014

Case file 128 Denise's answer

Today I have a page to share  which I have solved  for CSI Case file  128
I will admit that the crime scene was a little difficult to solve at first, one element put me off completely and then all of a sudden it was all very clear how to put the pieces together and I was able to solve the case and got straight to it, rather quickly.
so here is my answer to file 128

to help me solve crime scene
I used the papers from  Correspondence Collection  
and stamps from  B-Line



now off to solve another case up in my craft room but I fear this crime scene will never be solved


  1. A beautiful page with the window and trailing vine. The photo is perfect with this soft and pretty range. Lovely work :D

  2. This is stunning Denise!!! Looooveee the trailing vine!!! You've solved the case beautifully!! ox