18 January, 2014

Bonjour Paris Book by Adriana


Adriana has us all visiting Paris in her time travel adventure - we have saved fares & hotels because she has presented us with the best of Vintage Paris.

Front cover of the Book

Back cover of book
Adriana describes her project:

"Bonjour Paris"
'I wanted to create a theme around Paris.
Paris is such a magical city, which one day I would love to visit.
I created a book cover which holds an accordion set of pages about vintage Paris. This is a keepsake that holds a memento of a time in Paris when the Eiffel Tower was built for the World Fair in early 1889. It was to hard to bring it down so they left it there.
120 years on and it is the very symbol of Paris. A great work of Art.
This book is cover on the front and back, inside this is a folded accordion pages decorated with vintage paris pictures and vintage french ladies.
I hope I have taken you on a trip to Paris in the early 1900's.

Meg's Garden materials are:

Le Belle Jardin 6x6 papers and French Garden paper collections.
Ribbons, lace, paris charms, chipboard frame, velvet and paper flowers german scrap, gold charm little frame embellishment, small doilies, transparency bird cage and french pot, vintage french ladies collage.

The accordion pages are just black card stock with patterned papers on top, just showing a little of the black card stock around creating a border. Then the photos have a border of cream stock card, then black stock card and that's all it is all flat.'

How fantastic are these projects?
Beautifully done Adriana - love the layering in the book; so many elements to amaze

Bye for now


  1. Looks lovely...the black on the bg makes the pages & images pop beautifully.....I WANNA go back to Paris now:):)!!!!!!

  2. So chic with the pink, black and white...Paris is such a sophisticated city and your art is beautiful Adriana :D

  3. I love the design of this book and the covers and pages are stunning. Would love to see tutorial on how you created this.

  4. I love the design of your book and the covers and pages are stunning. I would love to see tutorial on how you created all this.

  5. wow wow wow with a capital w xooxox

  6. Gorgeous book Adriana!! Very Parisienne!!! So beautifull done ... love it!! ox

  7. love it all with the black contrasting colours very elegant