12 July, 2013

'The Romantic Garden' - exciting NEWS

  • Hello Bloggers

  • We are so excited this month to be featured on Simply Cards Issue #57.

  • We have a CoverMount paper stack on the front of the magazine as a freebie with the magazine & even more exciting is that Denise Ann has 5 very beautiful & elegant cards with directions on the inside.

  • Out other piece of exciting news on the Romantic Garden is that we have prepared a kit that will allow you to make the cards featured in the magazine

These are the 5 cards - aren't they beautiful?

The Romantic Garden set of papers were pulled from several of the past Collections. For those who want more of the paper stack, we will be printing a pack & this is now available.

The Romantic Garden paper pack

We have several new kits on the drawing board that we are sure you are going to love.  Suggestions are very welcome.

Bye for now


  1. Fabulous cards Denise, congrats on the publication :)

  2. Gorgeous cards Denise, my fave is the middle one, I think the colours caught my eye.

  3. Each of these exquisite cards is a piece of art....I would not be able to choose a favourite :)