21 June, 2013

How to create fabulous leaves

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Leaves are an essential element when you have a sprig or bouquet of flowers or even just a bud on a project.

There are several ways you can accomplish this:

  • Dies (these 3 dies are new & back in stock) - they are easy & perfect when you have a scrap of paper just the right size.  They are totally unusual when cut on paper that has antique writing or with swirls or fancy details. The first die cut Leafy Foliage shows the details of the veins of the leaves.

Leafy Foliage
Layout by Heather Jacob - blog posting 22/03/2013 - shows how she uses the Leafy Foliage die 

Card by Heather Jacob 07/05/2013 blog post shows the Leafy Foliage die leaves out of cardstock & outlined with a black pen

Paisley Leaves - 4 dies - 2 with open cuts 7 2 without
Filigree Leaves - set of 3 different leaf dies

  • Stamps
LaBlanche Leaf stamp - 2 different stamps

Adriana Bolzon cut & coloured her stamped leaves using Vintage Photo, Wild honey and Bundled sage Distress Ink stains to colour the leaves -- her project can be seen blog post 05/06/2013.

  • Velvet Leaves

Chantilly Velvet Leaves - pack has 36 leaves 3-5cm long
Add some antiquing at the edges is you need some depth. They have a wire centre vein so you can easily shape them.

This card from Adriana Bolzon on her blog post of 05/05/2013 shows her use of the Chantilly Velvet leaves on the lower left corner sitting behind some viola flowers & some punched leaves on the right lower corner behind some velvet forget me nots

  • Paper LeavesSince they are paper, you can paint them; start with a spritz & a small amount of water to stop the paper from tearing when you add paint. The paint will saturate the paper & then blend. Use any of your paints with a wet brush. Air dry or use a dryer & then fluff up.

Paper rose leaves - 50/pk 2.5cm

These are also perfect to add dimension with distress ink.  A tiny bit of glass glitter or dimensional magic adds rain drops

Small pink & green leaves - perfect for buds
 Pack of 10 leaves - pink, white & green 1.25x2.9cm
Very delicate - perfect addition to pink or green ribbon

Small & medium paper leaves
5 leaves per pack. The small leaves are 2.5cm; the medium leaves are 5cm.  Curl the edges with a pencil or a skewer; add some dimension with a distress ink to match your project.

Dried Skeleton leaves - 10cm

Fabulous with an Oriental or an organic project 

Brown paper leaves
These are available in packs of 5 - 2 sizes of leaves med leaves are 5x2cm & small leaves are 3.25x2cm. They are great with raffia or twine but you can also see below that they also really work with pink satin ribbon

The brown leaves do really well on a neutral background. The first pic shows them with a neutral flower on a complex background (artist: Jane Tregenza) while the second pic shows them on a simple neutral page. The wire allows for simple shaping.  Tiny twigs can also be found at this time of the year that are perfect for organic art projects.

Tools for leaves:
A bamboo skewer, pencil or something round for curling the edges. 
Leaves are never flat. The paper & velvet leaves are great because they have a wire down the centre which makes them easy to bend & shape. 
Play with your leaves - have a good look at nature; overlap them, shape them & make sure you distress the back of them.

Hope this gives you some great ideas.

Bye for now

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  1. Love the leaves but I am really in love with the stamp, its so clear and so versatile, love it.