06 January, 2013

'Unlock the Window to your Soul' by Jen


Jen has been super busy creating this awesome artwork.  She proves she is a lady that loves the dimension in a project

The chipboard & the hardware combined with the delicate lady on the brickwork is amazing;  the colours on the background create so much dimension; the 2 flying birds create action.  I love the way the light plays & changes the colours.
Well done Jen - a fabulous creation to inspire us in the New Year - totally love this awesome piece.

Bye for now

PS. Worked on the website yesterday & have created a separate category in Embellish It!/Charms.
Metal Hardware now have their own category so you can scroll through them to find what you are looking for - the handle or drawer pull shown on Jen's project is just one of the items in this new category.


  1. beautiful textures and background love it :)

  2. oh i'm absolutely amazed by the background!!! very very beautiful!!!!

  3. Jen, this scrapbook layout need to be hung in an art gallery!!!! Lady, move over into the art work, you are already playing with the big leagues!!!! Gorgeous!!!!
    ava g

  4. absolutely divine and heavenly .. love it so much x

  5. Love the gorgeous background, a lot of hard work! Gorgeous!

  6. GORGEOUS textural background work Jen! really dig this big time! Yah, you should definitely have this framed and hung on the wall!