31 January, 2013

New Embellishments for a New Year

NEW Embellishments!!

  • Silver Diamante Trim

10mm Round $2.35/metre

  • Silk & Organza Flowers


Primulas: 4.5cm Ivory and Pale Green $1.45 ea

Wild rose 6cm Silk & organza - Ivory $2.10 ea

  • Pearl Stamens

Pink & White Pearl
$2.15/bunch 144 double end (288 heads)
- 65mm long with 8mm anthers

  • Lace

   always need more laces
1.6cm off white lace $1.45/m

  • Paper Flowers & Rose Leaves

Burgundy 5cm                 Moccha 10cm             Champagne Roses

6/pk $6.25                         2/pk $2.95                  9cm 2/pk $2.50

Rose Leaves - 50/pk        Pale Green                    Wild Oatmeal colour
2.5cm wide $5.65            Roses 4cm 6/pk $6.50           5cm 6/pk $6.50

  • More fabric flowers:

Lotus - Imperial               Lotus  - Divine               Lotus - white
2/pk 7-8cm $6.50            2/pk 7-8cm $6.50           2/pk 7-8cm $6.50

All of these can be found at www.megsgarden.com

Paper Flowers & Rose Leaves - absolutely gorgeous on layouts, cards, little books - colour them to match or compliment your project; just distress the edges but you know how to do this

Silver Diamante Trim - use just 1 piece or sprinkle onto your art piece. This new one is the same as the other daisy trim that you love - just smaller which makes it ideal for small flowers & trim

Fabric Flowers & Lotus Flowers - absolutely gorgeous on layouts, cards, little books

Laces - you can never have too many

Stamens - fabulous finishing touches to your hand made flowers

Bye for now



  1. Oh Meg!!! These are so gorgeous!!! Perfect for the new papers ;)

  2. Ooooh beautiful! I particularly love the MCH Lotus blooms, yummie! xox