14 January, 2013

A Little Box & Tutorial from Shell

Hi BloggersThere are so many times when we have a beautiful little gift that requires an especially beautiful little box for it.  Shell created this little box for a special Pandora bead  & also showed us how to make our own.

Shell explains:  'Today I'm sharing a tutorial on how to create a cute little gift box. The size is perfect for filling with choccies or for jewellery.
I have made this for my MIL so I can put a Pandora bead in it for her! I wanted a shabby chic girly theme so I have chosen Le Belle Jardin Collection With its beautiful peach/pink colours
Here is what it will look like finished:'

To make this you will need:

X2 sheets pattern paper
organza lace motif

1. Cut cardstock 10"X 7.5"
2. Score along the 10" line at
1 1/4"
3 3/4"
6 1/4"
8 3/4"

3. Score along 71/2" side at 2 1/2" & 5"

4. Cut along the second score line along the 10" side to the first score line in the middle. Then cut along to the 1 1/4" line & the other way to the 3 3/4" line. Repeat this at all corners then cut inner corners of the small flaps as shown in picture 

5. Place some double sided tape on the small flaps & 2 large flaps (only on one side of box). See where I have marked in pink for tape placement

6. Fold box ends & stick down

7. Fold both sets of inner flaps. Keep the tape on the inside & stick to form inner box

8. Fold up the sides to form the box

9. Time to decorate
X6 pieces 1 1/8"X 2 3/8"
X4 pieces 2 3/8" X 2 3/8"
Ink the edges

Stick to outside of box

Attach lace & ribbon as desired. Just make sure you do not cover the opening with it

10. Cut a strip 1"X11" & wrap it around the box. Make sure it is loose enough to slip on & off then attach the ends with tape

Decorate the band with ribbon, flowers & lace motif

Meg's Garden products used
Le Belle Jardin- Eau de Cologne P6293
Cream Lace P6240
Princess Flower MH003
Lace L2976
Light pink & pink ribbon R609
Organza Lace Flower Lace 1

Other Products used
versa colour ink pinecone, white cardstock

Next time you have a special gift to give you now have a special package to place it in! I hope you will try it out!CheersShell'
A fabulous little box Shell - well done & thank you so much for showing us how to do it.  There are so many times we need a little box & now we do not have to think about where to get one.  So much more elegant than a little bag.
Doing the tutorial on the board was particularly helpful in being able to visualise the dimensions.
Bye for now


  1. beautiful Shell,awesome idea for a little gift box...hugs Anita..xx

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