23 December, 2012

Vicky's hard drive crashed

A word to the wise - please have an automatic backup system.  Vicky's computer hard drive fried & she has lost everything on the drive BUT she has a backup drive so all she needs now is another computer to access her hard drive.  It does happen - hard drives give up & they keep all their files - nasty drives.
She was able to send 2 pics of Christmas projects that lucily were still on her camera.
They are extremely elegant & require no words

Well done - Vicky

Love the way you have picked up the violets - unusual for Christmas but very rich & elegant

Bye for now
Meg with no web site & Vicky with no hard drive


  1. Very wise words! And I just love Vickys clors on this cards! So beutiful! Hugs and A Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. beautiful work vicki....
    thanks for the share and reminder about hard drives. I just backed mine up the other day as i noticed my computer slowing down, so i am thankful you have reminded all of us about this important little feature.
    ava g

  3. superbes ces réas! bises

  4. even your back up hard drives can do that as well and how many time do I say I must have a clean up and a back up
    lovely combination of colours
    Merry Christmas

  5. Oh yes, VERY elegant indeed! love the feel of rich opulence Christmas feel of old and mulled wine, sleigh rides and Christmas church. Wonderful job sweetie! xoxo