03 August, 2012

Efficiency is not always good!!

I spent 1 Sunday afternoon doing all the postings for the projects I had from my fabulous DT ladies & saved them all as drafts.  Having done them all & decided which projects belonged together & those that did not, I felt very happy &, for once, ahead of my 'to do list.

You all know what happened.  I published the posts as needed  not realizing that they posted by draft date & not publish date.  ddddrrrrrr!!!!

I am so sorry for the hassle you have been through for the past 2 weeks wondering what was going on.

Now you know & it will not happen again.  Thanks to Heather & Adriana who put me straight yesterday at lunch.

Bye for now


PS - we had a lovely lunch

Our Spring Paisley Collection is now up in the 'What's New & Exciting' category on the web site

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