29 February, 2012

Winner for Design Team Challenge Theme

Having chosen the new DT & had some wonderful comments on the quality of the Design Team, how do you challenge such talent?

The 1st two challenges for me were easy - Christmas using the Christmas Collection & then Summer - holidays, by the sea etc.  Then we sponsored The Color Room &  used Denise Anne's new Collection - Le Belle Jardin - that was January & the layouts produced by the DT & by all at The Color Room were fantastic & very inspiring.

For the 4th challenge I was going to CHA, had to get it done before I left & be ready for when I got back -   so I asked the girls to choose their own using 'Vintage ..., Victorian... or Parisian...' as the theme - this is always a great topic; and for this last challenge, the same theme was on the board but they should use a different one than used in the 4th challenge. 

This is the 6th challenge for the original members of the DT.  The projects that have been presented in each of the challenges have been incredibly awesome!!!  & I now have to challenge them again - they have done cards, layouts, tryptichs, little books, boxes & more BUT they have not done an accordion book & I just happen to have a kit in my Garden - Done!! - Challenge decided!!.

The new members of the DT start their term in April & I have been looking at the previous Collections for inspiration.  I also need to remember that some of the new members of the DT do not have any Meg's Garden stash & that they live Upover (the opposite of Downunder) & that the mail takes a while so 'you know who' has to be very organised - challenges known in advance, dates set, stash provided & themes to inspire.  New drawing Board to be set up.

Does anyone have any ideas?? Would love to hear them.  Any DT girls have any ideas??
Please Help!!  A special RAK to the winners

Bye for now


  1. I love the accordian book theme Meg, I have wanted to make one of them for quiet some time. Another exciting venture to go on! I can see why you would need to be really organised with the new DT, especially with those international members. Mail can be so slow at times.
    Idea's... hmmmm .... an altered piece of creativity made especially for the home.
    or perhaps, sending the DT the 'same' kit and seeing what each comes up with, using the same products. I can only imagine they would all be so different.
    mmmm .. so many ideas!
    Perhaps the DT could pick a 'product' to do a 'write up on'...

    Look forwards to seeing what the new challenges are and will be for the next 6 months.

  2. I love challenges! Here are some challenge ideas: creating an off the page project/altering an item, using a specified colour palette, using a certain sketch, make a handmade embellishment (like flowers!)... and themes are great (love your Vintage ..., Victorian... or Parisian). I have seen manufacturers that do a "reverse theme" like use their Christmas papers to produce a non festive looking project (to show the product versatility) and also mixing collections to achieve a different look. Oh the endless possibilities!

  3. What about creating something with a male theme? Like a card or LO for men or boys. This is something I struggle with as most of my papers are really pretty and floral.

    Or challenge the girls to use one main colour and it has to be one they are not comfortable with, or a colour that the do not often use?

  4. I love monochromatic layouts!! I think that's a great idea for a challenge or Combining two different paper collections in one project. The last idea is making a male layout out of feminine papers. This one might be the most challenging!!