02 January, 2012

An Exciting Start to the New Year

Welcome to a Fabulous, Happy & Creative New Year.

We are starting this year of 2012 on an exciting journey & Denise Ann has started it for us - she has done it again - her new collection is Le Belle Jardin Collection of Papers.

This Beautiful Garden is the latest Collection from Denise Ann.  It is simply gorgeous - pale elegant pastels that will inspire you to create some really beautiful papercraft projects.  There are 6 designs available in our traditional size of 12x12" with a 4x12" strip; these same 6 designs are available in the Mini Pack with the designs reduced to 144mm square which are ideal for smaller projects - cards, OTP, little books.  Also part of the Collection is an A4 which has been printed on transparency & also on cardstock - ideal for die cutting,

The Collection is being featured on The Color Room in January. Each week 1 of the Meg's Garden Design Team will feature one of the papers; the Color Room Design Team will also be doing projects with the papers.  This is a fabulous opportunity to see many different styles of artistic work using the papers.
Have a look: http://www.thecolorroom.ning.com

Rose Collage
Articles de Paris
Eau de Cologne

Green Toile

Ma Fleur Rose

French Bird House

Le Belle Jardin - A4 transparency & A4 cardstock

This is a really exciting & creative start to the New Year.  I know you will love this Collection.


Bye for now


PS. I have been asked why we do a 12x12" with a 4x12" strip. It is basically because papers in Australia are not available in 12x12" & scrapbook papers are 12x12".
The printer uses A3 paper (we design on the A3) & it is then cut into the 2 pieces.

If we did just a 12x12" the rest of the paper would be thrown away - why do this? The strip is fabulous for cards, inside cards, part of a scrapbook page, an OTP project & lots more....  Would love to hear about more uses for the strip


  1. Happy New Year Meg :)
    These papers that Denise has designed so awesome, elegant and delicate. Well done Denise, :) Can't wait to design projects with them.
    (I use the 4x12 strip for gift cards, tags and for extra paper for layouts.
    also for covering boxes and books.

  2. They are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Wow... Denise I love those flowers. I'm wondering if you painted them?
    I use the 4 X 12" strips for base pages of my memory albums. Also, for tags, and use for fussy cutting details to add to layouts. Without the 4 X 12" paper, I'd use another 12 X 12 to cut from, this way I don't have to purchase two of each paper.... saves a lot of money.

  3. Hi all
    I am very excited about this new collection thank you for all the fine comments, and yes they are my flowers
    when I design the 4x12 strip I often design it as a pair or to match the 12x12 I want them to be as useful for your projects,
    its amazing what you can get out of a 4 x12 strip
    hugs and happy creating

  4. wow, what a beautiful collection !!! love !