30 November, 2011

Tutorial on Sandie's Book Card

As promised Sandie has written a blog with pics to show you how to make this fabulous project - what a great Christmas gift for a relative or friend

4 cardstock (12 x 12)
Dimensional adhesive dots/squares
Wonder Tape (or a very strong tape)
Double sided tape

Distress Inks (optional)
Strong Glue (I used Glossy Accents)
Travel Mini Paper Pack – Meg's Garden
Lace – Meg's Garden, Embellishments & ribbons

Ø  Cut 4 pieces of cardstock measuring 6” X 8”
Ø  Score each piece of cut cardstock at 1” going across the whole 8”. *See photo 1

photo 1

Fold each piece of cardstock like a fan & ink the edges *See photo 2

photo 2

Ø  Gather two pieces of your folded cardstock pieces, and gently place together, fitting each fold from one piece into the other.  *See photo 3
photo 3

Ø  Using strong glue, such as glossy accents, adhere only the two end tabs on each end.  *See photo 4
photo 4

Ø  Continue previous ‘step’ to complete the frame for your book card.  Getting the final cardstock piece in place can be fiddly. I find it easiest to weave the last piece of cardstock in and glue down on one side only, then turning over and gluing the other.  *See photo 5

photo 5

Ø  Hold in place till glue is dry.  Finished frame work for book card. *See Photo 6
****Please note, you may have to push gently, each concertina fold, to get the pages to zig-zag into each other tightly.  With gentle persuasion, this can be done without bending the cardstock – just remember to wiggle the cardstock gently****

photo 6
 Ø  Choose a piece of paper from your Meg's Garden, Travel Mini Pack for the main background paper of the inside of your card. Adhere with a strong glue or Wonder Tape to the back of your book frame. *See Photo 7

photo 7
Ø  Using Wonder Tape, adhere lace to outer edge of your book frame. Decorate as you please, using a variety of embellishments that are to your liking. *See photo 8 & 9
Ø  Cut a piece of cardstock measuring 21.2cms X 15.7cms for your back cover & cut a piece measuring 15.7cms square for your front cover.  ****Please note:  The reason I have used centimetres and not inches, is for precise measuring.  The book cards cover, needs to be slightly larger than the inside ****
Ø  Score the back cover piece of cardstock at 4cms and 1.3cms (1/2”)
Ø  Ink all edges

photo 8

photo 9

Ø  Before decorating and putting the cover together, use a strong adhesive to adhere ribbon ties to the outside edges of your cover *See photo 10

photo 10

Ø  With the back cover (longest, scored piece of cardstock), cover your 4cm area with adhesive/glue.  I use a mixture of both glue and Wonder Tape. *See photo 11
photo 11

Ø  Carefully adhere the back cover to the front cover so that the edges match up perfectly. *See Photo 12
photo 12

Ø  Adhere two pieces of paper from the Meg's Garden, Travel Mini Paper Pack – to the inside cover, and the other on the outside cover.
Ø  On the outside and inside cover, decorate as you please, and to your liking.  Don’t forget to add a journal label to write upon when your card is completed, and ready to ‘give’.  *See Photo 13 & 14 for examples of finished covers

photo 13 - Happy Christmas Cat Book
photo 14 - Summer Rose Garden
Summer Rose Garden inside pages

Summer Rose Garden page 1

Summer Rose Garden page 2

Happy Christmas Cat Book inside pages
Happy Christmas Cat Book page 1

Happy Christmas Cat Book page 2
Ø  Decorate the inside shadow-box area as you please.  *See photos of Summer Rose Garden & Happy Christmas Cat Book for examples
Ø  When you are happy with your decorating, using a strong adhesive/or glue to adhere your shadow-box into your book card.

Many thanks to you Sandie for this tutorial
If you would like a copy of this tutorial, please email me

Bye for now




  1. Great Tutorial Sandie... must make one during the holidays...thanks for sharing your tips on how to make a shadow box/card.:)

  2. Whoooah Sandie! these are all absolutely deliciously luscious! thanks ever so much for the tut! any one of these would be a fantastic Christmas gift in itself, no other gift needed!