17 November, 2011

Transparency Art

Hi Ladies
In this blog, I thought I would look at the use of tranparencies in papercraft projects - they are a fantastic & imaginative way to enhance your projects - they add a unique shimmer, depth & create an additional layer to your art.

The adhering of  transparencies is often the biggest problem when working with them. That same clear quality that lets you see through to the background also lets you see blotches of glue.
To attach transparencies you have several options:
  • tie it with a ribbon
  • dangle it with eyelets
  • hand stitch or machine stitch
  • hang it with wire, fibres or ribbon
  • hold it in place with a button
  • use brads & fasteners
  • use paper ties
  • use the collage elements of the papers
  • use tiny pieces of double sided tape in areas where it will not be seen

Transparencies can cause the entire mood of a piece to change when placed over different background papers.  Vintage images printed on transparencies appear soft & rather ethereal  &, when the image is placed over decorative papers, such as text, music or script handwriting, the effect is just wonderful.  Keep in mind that all colours & designs of the selected background papers will show through the transparency. Lay the transparency over the top of the papers until you find one that appeals to you.

Artist: Charlotte Barratt of Charlotte's Web

Tr006 - Vintage Lady is anchored at the top left corner with a brad through a paper flower & on the right bottom corner with a corner charm. This vintage beauty transparency has a music background - please note how the lady's face is over a plain section of the background & the transparency is beautifully highlighting part of the music paper - the tranparency is well placed.

Artist - Charlotte Barratt
This transparency (Tr006 Ladies with Flowers) has been attached with brads in the top corners & held in place with lace tied in a knot with a charm

Artist: Cheryl Husmann

You will find that extremely busy papers do not look good under the transparency papers. Neither do papers with extremely large print or line art, as they are often too big to be able to distinguish it as anything other than a blob of colour.
Select small text or script, perhaps a map if it is not too busy or a small tone-on-tone print. Move the transparency around until you are happy with the pattern that shows through.  If you find a paper that you truly love, but it is still too busy, there are a couple of tricks you can use.  Tear a small piece or two of light coloured tissue papers or mulberry paper & lay this under the areas of the transparency that need lightening up; perhaps behing the face & hands, for example.
You might also try a small amount of acrylic paint or glaze in some of the open areas.

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Have a creative time with Transparency Art

Bye for now


  1. This is a wealth of information Meg, thank you very much for sharing with us in blog-land.

  2. Thanks for sharing Meg, these transparencies are just divine :)