29 September, 2021

Four Shabby Chic Cards

 Hello Paper Artists

4 cards from the Shabby Chic Bundle of 40 papers

Pink Roses Maxi Card - video link for the pink roses cards

the card is designed to stand on display - more details on the video

Ivory cardstock 7.25"hi x 12" - score at 5.25" from left & 2" from right to create the tuck 

inside of the card - tuck spot on the right for $$ or notes

Aloe Vera Green cardstock 5.75" square

A tuck spot is created by using a framed cut & create

This is a vertical card - made from a scrap piece 4.75" x 12"
Inside of card - a complementary card piece is covered with lace & used as a tuck spot

All of the images are from the 40 paper bundle at:

Hope this gives you some ideas in using Cut & Creates on cards. The large images on the fronts are the Art Papers 4"x5" - they are also in 8.3'x11" size.

I love decorating the inside - when a card is given, words are exchanged on the front & the inside is usually used for the sentiment. But when an inside is decorated there is a WOW factor.  You do not have to go over the top as I have - can't help myself.

Bye for now


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06 September, 2021

 Hello Bloggers

Have a look at this Shabby Chic 40 Papers Bundle

There are 5 sections of these papers all in high-quality 300dpi, JPG format but in 3 different sizes.

#1:  8 Background papers in shades of shabby chic - 8.3”x11” - can be used for any backgrounds - cards, tags, journal pages, art journals, mini albums … cut to the size you want & use the scraps for die cuts, strips like washi tape, ticket frames.

#2:  The above background papers with art - 8.3”x11” - are ideal for large projects - cards, journals, embellish & use in a 3D frame for a gift

#3:  8 of  The art papers in ‘#2’ reduced to 4”x5” - are a great size for cards, tags, postcards & journals - they already have a background so are ready to embellish

#4:  8 of  Cut & Creates includes 1 sheet of word tickets - 8.3”x11”

These are also available in a separate listing.  will impact any papercraft project.

#5:  8 of  Journal papers in vintage shabby chic 10”x7” - cut in half or fold for 5”x7” pages - designed for art journals or shabby chic junk journals but, and there is always a but, why not do some layering using the small art papers, the cut & creates, add some word tickets, some die cuts, flowers, lace & ribbons & what else??

 All of the papers can be mixed as you want to make your own shabby chic art 

 Hope you love the bundle & are inspired to create

To Purchase:

The Full Bundle:
Just the 8 Cut & Create Papers:

Bye for now

21 August, 2021

 Hello Paper Artists

I have enjoyed playing with the new Sherlock is Puzzled Collection.

There are 2 Journals on youtube:



There is always some left for a card:

Mocha cardstock 12"w x 6"hi with scares at 4.5" & 9"

Cream jute twine, black cardstock

The cover has a background from one of the journal papers; the cut & create is fussy cut, foam mounted & allowed to have a 3D effect. There is a strip of black cardstock on the edge. Jute twine is wrapped around the front & the first score.

The inside of the card. The 2 Sherlocks are framed in black & mounted flat. The background paper in the centre is from the same journal paper used  on the front

The 3rd panel is closed over to show that it also has a black strip on its edge; the magnifying glass is framed in black, foam mounted, has a piece of jute twine tied around it & acts as a tuck spot for the 2 tags tucked in it.

The back is simple with a Sherlock quote framed in black & flat-mounted

Hope you get some ideas from this trifold card - the style can be adapted to any kind of theme.

Have a lock at the videos for more ideas using this Collection

Bye for now




PS the videos are also on Instagram

16 August, 2021

 Hello Paper Artists

A new Maxi Card/Mini Journal for your review today.

Papers used: Nature's Garden Flora

                                            Video of project: Blue Flora

For this maxi card, I chose some of the blue florals in the Flora Collection - part of Nature's Garden Paper Collection.

White Cardstock cover: 8.5"w x $.5"hi with a 0.5" vertical gusset in the centre
Blue Cardstock in signature: 7.75" x 3.75" with 3/8" gusset in center
White Cardstock in signature: 7.5" x 3.5" with 3/8" gusset in center

Papers at my shop at Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/10386...
email for the word art: megsgarden@outlook.com

You could use this format of a maxi card using any collection of Cut & Creates that would suit the recipient.

Hope these projects give you some ideas

Bye for now


31 July, 2021

Hello Paper Artists


The new Collections for end of July (only just made it):

Sherlock is Puzzled.

 The Cut & Creates are for the lovers of Sherlock BUT also for the lovers of Vintage Cut & Creates - add to a Vintage Junk Journal; use on cards, projects for men - anywhere your creativity needs them.

 Video of both sets of papers: 

 Cut & Creates - 8 papers 8.3x11" high quality 300 dpi, jpg format. Of the 8 papers, there are 2 devoted to Sherlock Holmes images & words while the other 6 contain vintage ephemera.

 To Purchase: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/1042917456/sherlock-is-puzzled-cut-creates-sherlock

 Background Papers - 10 papers high quality 300 dpi, jpg format. Of the 10 papers, there are 8 that are 8.3x11" to be used in that size or cut for cards or journal pages while the other 2 are 10"x7".

 A journal 10"wide x 7" high can be made by using the 2 papers as backgrounds & cut the others to fit for pages. Any of the papers can be printed several times to perfectly suit your art project.

 To Purchase: https://www.etsy.com/MegsGardenPapercraft/1042910932

If you are not into Sherlock, then just toss the 2 Sherlock Cut & Create papers & call the collection ‘Vintage Journal’.  I plan on doing a fun mystery journal or card - just make up your own mystery so that the recipient has to solve the puzzle.

 Bye for now




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18 July, 2021

Using Cut & Creates from Nature's Garden

 Hello Paper Artists

Some more projects using the Cut & Creates from Nature's Garden

French Vanilla tag; a blue background & flora cut & create foam mounted

Embellishments: die-cut on white cardstock, a jewel pin, tag, silk flower & paper leaf

French vanilla cardstock tag, a green background papers & doily.

The butterfly cut & create is from the Critters - foam mounted

Embellishments: a cream organza bow at the top, a die cit, white silk flower, green paper leaves, love tag with a satin ribbon tie


French vanilla cardstock; the butterfly has 2 layers of mats - white & mocha - foam mounted
Embellishments are very simple - a bow using a double-sided ribbon in dark blue & mocha.

The inside of the card has 2 butterfly cut & creates - one as a pocket & the other as an insert. The tag has a tie from the same ribbon for a sentiment.  These cut & creates are from the Critters papers.

Another card using the Flora papers - this one is for the lovers of blue
French vanilla cardstock; the mat is pale blue for the cut & create flower & the Adore tag - both are foam mounted.
Embellishment - blue silk flower, sating edged blue organza bow, lace flat bow, blue silk flower & a white paper leaf.

Inside the card is a blue tag for the sentiment which is tucked into the corner of a blue bow &
 a portion of a white die-cut.

Hope these projects give you some ideas
Bye for now


15 July, 2021

Flora from Nature's Garden Cards

 Hello Paper Artists

Three cards from the Flora Cut & Creates. Each one has an embellished centre with some of the front of the card flowers & a piece of the contrasting cardstock for writing the sentiment. The beautiful embellishing on the front should certainly be carried inside.

French Vanilla cardstock;  mocha cardstock used to frame the cut & create - foam mounted.

Lace is carried down the side & also inside

Velvet flowers & leaves

Butterfly from Butterflies on Transparency in the top right corner

Inside of card - mocha cardstock tucked into a velvet flower & leaf

White cardstock; cut & create framed in pink cardstock & vellum; foam mounted.
Pink lace is carried up the side of the card & continues inside. The lace is folded into a flat bow & embellished with a white paper rose & leaves. A word art in foam mounted.

Inside the card, the pink lace, a piece of pink cardstock for the sentiment & a white paper rose & leaf

French vanilla cardstock with a mocha contrasting frame - foam mounted.
A butterfly from transparency on the top corner highlights the butterfly & the rose in the cut & create.
Embellishing at the base of it - a large white rose, 2 green leaves, a small piece of lace, a mocha organza bow & a jewel pin.

Inside the card is a word art from the cut & create sheet; the word is framed with mocha cardstock & the sentiment cardstock in mocha is tucked into the corner of the ticket.

Hope these cards give you some ideas using the Flora Cut & Creates.

 Papers on Etsy

Video of Flora Cut & Creates

Bye for now